Specializing in providing Professional Training Solutions exclusively for SALES(Premise or Field and Telephone), CUSTOMER SERVICE & SALES MANAGEMENT.

‘The conSELLtant' was founded as a fresh alternative to traditional Sales Training and as the name suggests, specializes in training programs for Sales using a very Consultative / Relationship building approach, in response to an overwhelming market need for highly focused relationship selling, designed to target and impact the key performance measures most important to your company, and to empower your sales team & management with specific skills they need to meet or exceed their goals & objectives.

As Theodore Leavitt- Prof. of Marketing, at Harvard University states in his book ‘The Marketing Imagination’ - ''The purpose of business is to create & keep a customer '' , David McNally, Author of the best seller “Even Eagles need a Push” adds: ''Profit is not the purpose of a business... Profit is a dynamic incentive and motivator for being in business... for it to grow and remain healthy, profits are obviously essential...or in other words well-served and satisfied customers build profitable, lasting businesses”.

Our Sales Programs therefore ensure that participants receive the specific content they need, to affect lasting changes in Attitude and Sales behaviour, and that they derive maximum business value from their investment of both time & money.

As professionals, we are committed to help you create powerful and enduring results by delivering comprehensive individual & organization effectiveness solutions based on proven, result-producing methodologies that are anchored to your organization's objectives, by ensuring maximum value.
Our core competency is the ability to educate & inspire people to perform, thus enabling people Grow and helping your business Soar in today's changing world !

"Your success is important to You, Your Organization,
to the people who depend on You & Us"

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